The VMT Training is a deep experiential process which integrates an extensive exploration of one’s own voice with practice and theory in order to strengthen one’s sense of self and also to provide a solid foundation for those who wish to go on to qualify as Professional Practitioners.

Voice Movement Therapy Training

The VMT Training is an intense and demanding program which combines creative and therapeutic work through individual on-the-floor exploration and instruction within an evolving group context. It consists of an experiential on-site program, followed by a supervisory period of working with both individuals and groups for those who wish to qualify for professional registration with the IAVMT.

This Training grounds individuals in a very particular way of expanding the parameters of their voices and enabling others, whatever their level of verbal skill or accomplishment, to increase their expressive and communicative ability. The training is competence- and content-based, requiring both practical and intellectual understanding and demonstration of the core principles and theoretical underpinnings of VMT, and the presentation and performance of creative work. Those who complete both the experiential and qualifying portions of the training are eligible to apply to the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy for acceptance as Registered VMT Practitioners (VMTR).

The Norma G. Canner Foundation and the Voice Movement Therapy Center comprise the Training Body whose job it is to train and then recommend individuals for qualification by the IAVMT. The IAVMT is the professional member organization which promotes and supports the work, oversees standards and ethics, qualifies trainees to become Professional Practitioners (VMTR), and is composed of a welcoming and vibrant community. These two organizations are affiliated for the purpose of training and qualifying practitioners. If you wish to register your interest in the next training, please click here to connect with the Voice Movement Therapy Center.

Currently, all VMT training is provided by Anne Brownell and Christine Isherwood, with noted guest teacher Melanie Harrold, at its present base The Voice Movement Therapy Center in Marion, MA, USA. Brownell and Isherwood have also conducted Trainings abroad, and it is anticipated that over the next 5 years additional trainings with new leaders and teachers in various parts of the world will come into being as this work continues to grow and expand.

VMT Virtually: Working through a Pandemic

by Anne Brownell and Nathan Bean

The adjacent video gives a glimpse of how the teachers and students of the Voice Movement Therapy Training, begun in 2019, continued to pursue and deepen their work together on-line while looking forward to meeting and completing their program in reality. It covers the period from April-November 2020 and was made with i-movie from 26 zoom recordings.

The Voice Movement Therapy Center
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A Foundational Training in Voice Movement Therapy

For all those who seek personal or professional empowerment through the embodied voice.