West London, United Kingdom
About Veronica Phillips

Veronica has a background in teaching: dance, drama, and special needs and as a Play trainer for child minders. She lives and works in London, UK.

Veronica trained in Voice movement therapy 1998-2000, subsequently training in integrative, psycho-dynamic psychotherapy. She is an accredited, registered member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). Veronica’s work can move fully into the expressive, creative self-development path of VMT, or that of attuned, relational psychotherapy with a slightly more analytic bias. The choice emerges from the client’s wishes and needs. Both ways of working overlap and are interdependent. Core principles of VMT are used in psychotherapy: VMT is informed by psychotherapeutic understanding. Both ways of working meet particularly through attention to breath and body.

Veronica is also a trained Supervisor through CSTD (Centre for Supervision and Team Development). Veronica’s work with ESSENTIAL VOICE, VMT invites anyone to seek out, explore, and express their unique, authentic self and develop true autonomy. Veronica works with Adults: individual and group. Workshops include harmony singing: singing for the timid and terrified; stories for self-exploration and transformation; medicine of the voice.

Integrated into her work is sound knowledge and personal experience of emotional /developmental trauma, as well as experience of and empathy with the shock, destabilization, and deep grief of sudden trauma. Much of her understanding is based on a clear awareness of attachment needs and generational, ancestral constellation work. She has experienced the power of IOPT work (Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapy) over several years. She is particularly interested in the disruption and enmity in the Mother / Daughter relationship. Veronica also draws substantially on Subtle energy work and Shamanic practices. She is drawn by the song of the cosmos, relating to the marvellous construction and harmonics of body and voice, and has a grounded transpersonal outlook.

Veronica’s intention is to offer a space where an individual can feel safe and unencumbered enough to unravel the path to the essential soul-self within, allowing that self to be vocal, visible, effective, and satisfying in today’s world.


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“I cherish Veronica’s workshops like gems. She facilitates space where I can explore my voice and hear it in a way that is not possible anywhere else. Not only that, it is also truly extraordinary, deep and intensely playful to share the experience with other people in the group. Another wonderful aspect of working with Veronica is that the sounds and intentions, as if by magic, travel beyond the workshop’s space and lead to shifts in my everyday life. I am grateful to Veronica for her support and for sharing what is clearly her passion and purpose in life.” – ZC

“I have personally experienced VMT as a very powerful medium, beneficial to individuals and groups. For a long time, I have been wanting to deepen my journey with it and acquire skills I can take to make this work available to other people.

Working with Veronica was extraordinary. This is the first time I was working with a VMT provider in person, having 1-1 sessions. It helped me access parts of me I had fleeting glimpses of but wasn’t confident about. It helped me open my body and deepen my voice and expression. Further, it helped me access and step into my inner source of wisdom much more firmly.” – SS

“My work with Veronica in VMT has transformed the way I lead and engage with those around me. Through playful and powerful exercises I was able to encounter fears past, present, and future and de-fang them. I was able to take out the teeth of those vampires of the imagination. They were draining my energy, haunting my dreams, and limiting my social interactions. I highly recommend anyone who is willing to try something new. You will unlock your creativity to unlock your potential.” – AW