Sydney, Australia
About Trish Watts

Trish believes passionately that ‘Every life can SING!’ She was pelted into life by the singing of the village church choir & instilled with a dream that singing was a way of life & a medicine for all.

Trish is a registered Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) Practitioner and studied with the Norma Canner Foundation Training, USA. She has a private practice in Sydney, Australia.

Her love of travel and different cultures led her to facilitate VMT workshops and courses in India, Cambodia & New Zealand. Also offering vocal programs with Afghani and Iranian women as a volunteer for STARTTS- Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture & Trauma Survivors in Sydney.

Trish cofounded Willow (Music) Publishing & is a published songwriter and recording artist with over 10 CD collections of original work. She has a Diploma in Music Education & is an accredited Singing & Piano teacher with the NSW Conservatorium of Music.

Directing a cappella choirs is part of her life-blood. Choirs include ‘Colla Voce’- a vocal multi-cultural ensemble; the Sydney and Cambodian Threshold Choirs (singers who sing beside bedsides in palliative care and recovery); & the Music Arts School Community Choir of Phnom Penh. She sang with the woman’s Crocus Quartet and Café of the Gate of Salvation Gospel Choir.

For the past 40yrs, Trish has worked as a freelance artist, workshop & retreat facilitator affording her the freedom of a creative path. She has a strong grounding in sacred, spirited communal song.

Her winding path has taken her around Australia and overseas to the UK, Europe, USA, India, South Africa, NZ. More recently, Trish lived in Phnom Penh, 2015-17 & co-founded ‘Cambodia Sings’, a not for profit organization to ‘rekindle the love of singing for all Cambodians’.

She is a trained InterPlay ® facilitator -an improvisation based community arts practice in USA- and co-founded InterPlay Australia over 25yrs ago. Her work is anchored in the bedrock of ‘play!’.


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