Ottawa, Canada
About Marie-Lynne Sauvé

Marie-Lynne Sauvé has recently completed an M.A. in Counselling and Spirituality (2018) and now supports clients to journey through their inner landscape by combining Voice Movement Therapy and Psychotherapy. This enables a process of transformation that is anchored in the body, in the voice and in one’s creative spirit. She enjoys working with Vocal Improvisation (on which she has written a thesis) : it allows the expression of what is present in the moment and that sometimes cannot be said verbally, and fosters one’s ability to stay connected to one’s self in an open-hearted compassionate way.

She has explored various somatic approaches such as Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering and Somatic Experiencing and draws on them in her work. Having completed a Bachelor of Music, she also teaches piano, flute and sight-singing classes to individuals and groups. She sings with Anahat Shabd, a chanting group which uses song and silence to open consciousness and promote healing and well-being. She also offers workshops in Vocal Improvisation, Voice Movement Therapy and on.