Wilderness, South Africa
About Li Parker

My name is Li Parker and I am a Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner. I am currently operating between South Africa and the USA.

Voice Movement Therapy gave me back my voice and enabled me to find an authentic way to fully inhabit my life, which was something I had lost at the time. Becoming a practitioner has given me a way to help others to expand and find a more embodied expression, and having this possibility for engagement is something that fills me with joy.

I am currently focussing on my passion of finding sacred space. Within and without. I feel that connection to the natural world and places that bring us back to the essence of where we come from, enable us to connect to deeper, subtle vibrations that in turn reconnect us to each other and the positive shift in the world that is needed at this time.

Following is a link to a project, ‘Kaaiman’s River Blessing’ which was my attempt to return to a place of embodied song and to help people reconnect with this state of being.

Voice Movement Therapy provided the perfect platform for this project. The holistic and integrated nature of this discipline was integral to being able to journey to this deeply profound place. VMT was the container that allowed the deep water to be collected, giving us the opportunity to view our souls


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