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Gina has been facilitating personal and corporate communication, self-cultivation, creativity, and performance development through voice and movement work since 1999, incorporating Voice Movement Therapy into her practice since 2007. She trained in VMT on the 2005 – 2006 USA training, and in 2007 was the first South African practitioner to qualify.

Gina practices at her private studio in the lush Springside Nature Reserve located in the Valley of 1000 Hills in KZN. Here she offers individual, couples, group sessions, and workshops. She also offers 5-7 day bespoke private VMT retreats to local and international clients.

In the corporate and business context, through Voice 360, Gina develops VMT-informed corporate training programs and interventions for individuals and teams at various organizational levels. For detailed information about Gina’s corporate work please visit www.voice360.co.za or email [email protected]

With a background in theatre and a passion for choreography, physical theatre dance, performance art, film, and design, Gina focuses her creative work on integrating voice, body, and psyche for devised interactive theatre.

Gina is committed to growing the practice of VMT in South Africa and globally and has run multiple workshops (in the therapeutic and corporate context) in Malaysia and China. She has lectured in VMT at tertiary institutions including four of SA’s top universities and was a co-trainer with Christine Isherwood on the VMT practitioner training at Apollo in China in 2019.

Gina is passionate about researching and writing about VMT, especially in relation to the latest neuroscience discoveries and the potential for the application of VMT in various contexts. Gina has edited two issues of the Practitioners of VMT Journal and is currently co-editing a new book about VMT with Anne Brownell and Deirdre Brownell. Gina has served multiple terms on the IAVMT board of directors

Gina offers all her services in person and online.


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“My relationship with Gina began when I consulted with her as a voice and movement therapist. She is an extraordinarily gifted and skilful professional. She is highly perceptive and masterful and choosing the appropriate intervention to empower stretch and ultimately expand the skilfulness of her clients. I have since referred many people to her. They have all experienced profound shifts in their overall performance through Gina helping them to access their inner resources of resilience, creativity, personal power and effectiveness. The powerful impact that she has had on clients has taken them to new level of mastery and skilfulness in their business and professional lives. I can without hesitation say that Gina is one of the most effective resources that I have ever encountered to help people to make real lasting changes and in the process becoming more productive and effective communicators and managers/leaders”.

Clinical Psychologist

“I’m lucky I found Gina and VMT (they are synonymous) and my only regret is that I didn’t find her earlier in my life. VMT has changed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined and helped me find a renewed sense of being. Gina’s intuitive ability and flexible approach have enabled me to explore areas I didn’t think were possible. The process of change is immediate and dynamic and the benefits have extended into my personal and business life.

Gina is a force of nature and an extremely competent practitioner who is 100% committed to her profession. You always feel safe in her hands. To my way of thinking, VMT combines fundamental principles and sound techniques with unique new age sensibilities and a light sprinkling of magic ….

VMT has exceeded my expectations. If everyone gave themselves the gift of VMT we’d have a happier world.”

Director at ARM Research
& Lifestyle Coach

“Gina is an extremely talented person with a rare ability to assist individuals to realize their potential. Undertaking coaching with Gina has made a huge difference to me in terms of both my personal and professional life. I am confidently able to recommend her services to others.”

Director Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Inc. Attorneys

“There are many teachers in life, but few great ones. Great teachers do not only know their field, they embody their knowledge. They know when to be assertive and when to be kind. They love what they do and make their students love their field. They are highly in tune with their student’s feelings and needs without being intrusive or manipulative. Their advice comes from a deep intuition, not from their heads. They know when to push students to take risks, but also when to protect them. At the end of a session or class, students feel that they had connected with a deeper side of their real selves. And they feel freer. Gina is one of these teachers.”

Medical doctor, Actor, Writer and Author of A Happy Human Brain

Gina Holloway Mulder interviewed on RSG – An Introduction to Voice Movement Therapy

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Voice Movement Therapy (2) Gina Holloway Mulder

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Voice Movement Therapy (5) Gina Holloway Mulder

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