Oudtshoorn, South Africa
About Gertruida Dowse

Gertruida: VMTR, BA(hons)SW, Dipl. Play-therapy and Marriage counselling and preparation. Is a Life and Wellness Coach from Oudtshoorn, South Africa and offering online therapy sessions, as well as face-to-face sessions to individuals, couples and groups. She incorporates VMT principles, since 2012, in her therapy in her private practice. Gertruida is a very good listener and changes many lives with therapy the last 26 years. She works with the client to find solutions for a meaningful and hopeful future. Starting from a point where the clients are now and where they want to move to. The focus of her therapy is to find the real you, and your strengths to help you to overcome what is weighing you down. Although some things cannot be changed, you can look at it differently, change your mindset and have the necessary coping mechanisms.

She’s a former director of FAMSA Karoo and trainer. Is currently a affiliate for ICAS, LifeAssist, Metropolitan and a Network Provider for Universal care, focusing on their Employment Wellness Programs and trainings. She support professionals to cope with stress, anger and life demands. Served on different boards and currently on the IAVMT board of directors.

Not reaching your full potential, not moving forward on your personal journey, experience/d trauma or depression, you will benefit from the services offered.

Outside the office, Gertruida loves to work/ spend time in her succulent garden and walk in the fields. Enjoying to entertain others in their cosy apartments.


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“Thanks for saving my marriage”

“You help me through my trauma (rape), and I was on the edge of ending it all. Thanks for help me to find my life back”.

“You really help me to look differently to my situation”.

“The sessions were very helpful”.

“I’ve learn I am stronger than I thought”.

“I’ve learn I am not a loser to show emotions. I have permission to cry if want to”.

“May thanks, you are so special. You helped me a lot today”.

“You helped me to control my emotions, stopped me to fear something I don’t know and stopped blaming myself for each and everything that is wrong, I’ ve gained self-confidence and to trust myself. Nothing can stand on my way or take my happiness and there is no-one who can change my life except me”

“Thank you for helping me through my addiction. I have a new life now”.

“Thank you aunt Gertruida for your support and consistent motivation, you are truly a legend. Without your passion and dedication and belief in me I would never be here today”