Vienna, Austria
About Eva Campbell

Eva Campbell was born in Austria. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician and has studied Jazz at the University of Performing Arts in Graz, Austria as well as at the Guildhall School for Music and Drama in London. Eva’s search for authenticity as a human being, as a singer and a voice teacher, combined with her realisation of the interrelatedness of the voice and the nature of being human, led her to take the VMT training in America in 2004.

In her practice year she worked with patients at the Jules Thorn Mental Health Day Care Centre in London and became a certified VMT practitioner in March 2007. A year later, Eva was invited to accompany Christine Isherwood and Anne Brownell as an apprentice teacher on the VMT training on Martha’s Vineyard and served three years as a director for the IAVMT.

In her private practice as a voice teacher and as someone who encourages people to express themselves through their voice, Eva has been working with beginners and professional singers of all ages, for over 15 years. Over the last 6 years she has focused extensively on leading group workshops in VMT, Gospel and World Music in Austria, Germany and Italy and has recently taught at the Drama Department of the Vienna Music University – the “Max Reinhardt Seminar”.

Visit Eva’s Website, www.voicemovement.at for more information.