Lisbon, Portugal
About Anna Grabner

Anna Grabner is passionate about the transformational potential that each voice in each unique body holds. As a singer and psychologist, she felt the need to integrate her inquiry of the creative and therapeutic singing voice and found an inspiring match in the Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) Training in South Africa in 2012.

A curious soul with Austrian and Celtic roots, she chose Portugal as her home base for her practice. She offers therapeutic guidance for both individuals and groups, in-person and online, and facilitates retreats and workshops, indoor and in nature. She aims to help people experience their voice as an embodied expression of the Self and has been invited to teach at Festivals and Yoga Teacher Training, in Portugal and abroad.

Her fascination for vocal improvisation has drawn her to participate in and facilitate various a cappella groups. She believes in the power of Song and Ritual and hosts Soul Song Gatherings, where people can connect through simple meditative songs, written by herself and other singer-songwriters. Since learning the Sacred Art of Touch, Thai Yoga Massage in 2017, she has been collaborating with massage and music therapists to offer Healing Sound Massages and Vocal Sound Baths.

Since becoming a mother herself, she has accompanied women in exploring their maternal voice and the relation to the pelvic floor, to feel more empowered for both labour and the postpartum recovery process. She co-organises sisterhood circles, inviting women to reflect on self-care and to share and express themselves through the world of song and dance.

Her Voice Art Path has enabled her to accompany and witness many transformational journeys in children, teenagers, and adults. Her intention is to provide a safe playground for profound and creative self-expression, to encourage people to awaken their innate voice wisdom and to reconnect with their voice in a truthful way.


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“Thank you so much for this amazing journey. It was very intense and deep but also beautiful. I felt so safe with Anna with her amazing presence that I could easily follow her instructions and I could feel that she was guiding me safely to a very unaware and unknown place. I saw myself exploring voices and movements that were coming from my inner being. On top of that it was beautiful to see in her eyes her admiration for my own process, which makes me feel more curious to go deeper. It was simply lovely, she is creative, sweet and uses a very beautiful instrument: our own voice in our own body. Just have one thing to say: Board this trip, it is worth every moment.”  – Thany

“Working with Anna revealed to me the immense healing power that sits underneath our own vocal expression. Anna has a wonderful energy. She is beautifully present, calm, passionate and creative. She held a safe space for me to comfortably feel and express myself through my own voice – singing, giggling or speaking. Nourishing on so many levels. I highly recommend her outstanding classes.”  – Hilke

“Thank you for creating such a safe space to explore, enjoy, create and BE! I loved it!”  – Frid

“You are such a good human for other humans to feel both safe and liberated with!” – Carl