Norwich, United Kingdom
About Sebastiana Black


Sebastiana is an integrative arts counsellor working with young people, a Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner, a Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, and a singer-songwriter. Since 2009 she has been facilitating VMT workshops and retreats in Norwich, UK, and in the Czech Republic (where she comes from). She works with drama and dance movement therapy students at the University of East Anglia and the University of Derby. In her private practice, she offers guidance to anyone who wishes to explore any aspect of their voice, whether it is the acoustic, creative, inner or metaphorical voice, and its healing potential. She assists singers of different abilities and others in having a more open, flexible, expressive, and embodied voice.

Sebastiana integrates mindfulness and self-compassion into her vocal work. She finds that vocal expression accompanied by an attentive, non-judgmental, and kind attitude supports and encourages her clients to explore, express, and transform trauma, vulnerability, and inhibitions. In her vocal work, the voice becomes a powerful resource for self-regulation, integration, wholeness, creativity, and a source of wisdom. She also draws on Depth Psychology, Internal Family Systems, somatic therapies, and Polyvagal Theory.

Recently she has been co-facilitating Mindfulness and Nature retreats with her partner in Norfolk which aims to nourish a deeper intimacy with the natural world and one’s own nature.

Sebastiana sings in the award-winning short film Malka. She enjoys singing and bringing to audiences world music in her ceilidh and concert band Zaramo. With her duet The Fire Doves she has recorded two albums which include her original songs.


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