Oak Bluffs, USA
About Corinne de Langavant

Corinne specializes in working with people with special needs of all ages but particularly children. Her experience and scope of practice includes autism, Asperger, cerebral palsy, Down’s and early Alzheimer’s syndromes. Using the three planes of circular motion, early childhood developmental progressions, sub-personality work and sensory integration theories, Corinne offers a safe container for potential to emerge. Her sessions aim to not only reduce the effects of stress, increase range of motion (and emotion), but increase client’s abilities to express feelings using movement and sound, even in non-verbal clients.

Advocating for VMT as a viable alternative to more mainstream forms of treatment, she has presented her thesis “The Treatment of Autism Using Voice Movement Therapy” at the largest annual special needs conference in the country twice. She worked on the development a VMT specific progress evaluation system to devise and keep track of sessions, identify limitations and set realistic goals.

Corinne introduced the YMCA to VMT as “Coco” helping children learn methods to modulate body language and vocal expression to set boundaries/ ward off bullying.

“Corinne de Langavant, aka Coco the Clown” Audi Magazine, 2011, issue 1

“My passion for movement and sound have shaped my existence in many ways… I realized that my clients were really connecting to Coco and that she could bring a lot to Voice Movement Therapy sessions in working with autism… Not only are they connecting with me, a challenge for people living with autism, but they’re connecting to the outside world and expanding their horizons… I like to think of it as creating joy”.

“Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine”, Vineyard Style Magazine 2011.

“She recently participated in a conference entitled Love Revolution with Dr. Patch Adams, for whom the movie was named, who uses clowning to treat illness and does missionary work in war torn and poverty stricken countries”.

Corinne has been called: A “renaissance woman” (“Islander at Large”, “Vineyard Visitor”, 8/17/06)… “How does she describe what she does? “I like to help people figure out what they want and help them find ways to accomplish their goals and see their vision realized”.”


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