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VMT workshop

Workshops with Sebastiana Black, Norwich, UK

Expressive Voice Group workshop

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Workshops with Sebastiana Black, Prague, Czech Republic

Voice Unbound

Saturday 7 April - Sunday 8 April 2018
10am-6pm and 10am-5pm
Druna, Prague, Czech Republic

More information:

Nespoutaný hlas

Sobota 7. dubna a neděle 8. dubna 2018
10-18 a 10-17 hodin
Praha, Druna

V této prožitkové dílně, vedené metodou Hlasově pohybové terapie, budete mít příležitost se tvořivě setkat s vaším hlasem a lépe ho pochopit, rozvinout a osvobodit. Budete se věnovat práci s vnitřním kritikem a dalšími bariérami v autentickém sebevyjádření a zároveň objevíte to, co váš hlas podporuje a pomůže mu růst. Více informací se dozvíte na :

V pátek 6. dubna budu také nabízet individuální sezení. Rezervujte na:

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Workshops with Lena Måndotter, Sweden

”When the soul wishes to experience something:
she throws an image of that experience out before her,
and then - she enters into her own image.”

Workshops in Sweden 2018
Saturday 17 February – Sunday 18 February: THE SONG OF THE SOUL (two day workshop)
Saturday 7 – Sunday 8 April: THE HEALING POWER OF WORD & VOICE (two day workshop)
Saturday 26 May – Sunday 27 May: THE HEALING POWER OF DREAMS (two day workshop)
Friday 24 August – Sunday 26 August: THE SONG OF THE SOUL (three day workshop)

Lena Måndotter offers educational and experiential programs in the psychological aspects of voice and singing. The courses give an opportunity to explore the Psyche through vocal expression, combining various expressive and creative techniques using voice, breath and movement.

The focus is on releasing the voice from physical and psychological inhibitions so one can express oneself freely with presence and confidence, in song and in speech.

The song workshops are for anyone who is interested in connecting to and reclaiming one’s own authentic voice. Participants come from many different professional fields and they have all kinds of backgrounds.

No previous experience in singing is required of the participants but a certain interest in psychology can be useful since we can not free our voices without contacting our emotions.

These songcourses offer an inspirational journey through the artistic, therapeutic and transpersonal dimensions of song, music and sound.

The programs are of varying lengths and include the following themes:


Lena Måndotter, singer with a diploma in Voice Movement Therapy (Royal Society of Arts/London under the leadership of founder Paul Newham). She is a registered professional practitioner/member of the International Association of Voice Movement Therapy.

Lena has studied analytical psychology at the CG Jung Institut in Zürich and at ISAP – International School of Analytical Psychology in Zürich. She has also studied with internationally known Jungian psychoanalysts Marion Woodman and Mario Jacoby.

Besides her song work; Lena also works as a photographer, film maker and writer.

Other teachers and writers who inspires her work are Marie Louise von Franz, Shaun McNiff, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Deena Metzger, Russel Lockhart, James Hillman, Alice Miller, Linda Shierse Leonard and Robert Romanyshyn.

”The real teachers on the human journey are life and death itself and the sacred helpers from the archetypal worlds. We grow in wisdom from the journeys we dare to make along the exterior and interior horizons of the psyche – through light and through darkness. And mostly I honour the wise animals who still surround us on this earth. A deeply transforming voyage in my life was the one to the sacred mountain of Kailash, in Transhimalaya in Tibet. A journey beyond words.” LM

Lena Måndotter has given workshops and individual sessions since 1990 and she has taught at many organisations, companies, schools and universities: The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, the University of Malmö, The CG Jung Stiftelsen Sweden, The Swedish Writers’ organisation in Malmö, MEDIS Medborgarinstitutet Åland, Sensus Study Organisation Sweden and many more.

Her film about song and psyche: ”LETTERS TO A YOUNG SINGER” had it’s premier at one of Swedens most known filmfestivals and has been screened at many venues and seminars/conference venuse, and received great support from, among many, Jungian analyst Marion Woodman. See Lena Måndotter’s website for more information.

For more information about workshops or individual sessions, you are welcome to email or phone.

PHONE + 46 730380037

Lena Måndotter workshop Lena Måndotter workshop

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Workshops with Veronica Phillips, London, UK

Essential Voice La Loba workshop Essential Voice workshop

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Workshops with Trish Watts, Wellington, New Zealand

The Moving Voice workshop

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Workshops with Gina Holloway, Wilderness Western Cape, South Africa

Reflect and Renew workshop

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Workshops with Eve Pollak Maisonpierre, USA

Awaken Your Voice workshop

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Workshops with Mali Sastri, Somerville, MA, USA

Voice Lab: A Workshop in Voice & Movement Exploration & Experimentation

Saturday, October 14th


The voice is a unique instrument ~ player and played-upon are one and the same. The voice reflects both psychic and physical states and has the ability to convey simultaneously both what you mean and how you mean it.

Through guided exploration, improvisatory games, and combined vocal and movement exercises, Mali Sastri leads a workshop grounded in the expressive arts modality of Voice Movement Therapy, aiming to increase vocal flexibility, dexterity, relaxation, confidence and trust in the power of your own, authentic voice, and to forge a deeper emotional and psychological connection to the words and sounds you sing and speak.

Bringing years of teaching and performing experience, Mali (a registered VMT practitioner, and a singer and composer) provides a safe and supportive environment for exploration and creativity.

Taking place at Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square, Somerville, MA

$100 ~ a limited number of sliding scale spots available on an as-needed basis

Voice Lab: A Workshop in Voice & Movement Exploration & Experimentation

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Workshops with Trish Watts, Mumbai, India

Voicing the Silence workshop Laughing and Crying are all Songs workshop

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Workshops with Trish Watts, Adamstown, Australia

The Embodied Voice workshop

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Workshops with Veronica Phillips, London, UK

Power of the Voice 2 workshop Power of the Voice 2 workshop

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