Lilith Gottfarb

Who is Voice Movement Therapy for?

VMT Practitioners work with clients from a variety of populations:

VMT Practitioners work with individuals and groups in a variety of settings:

In mental health hospitals and substance abuse clinics; continuing education programs; after-school and youth groups; schools and programs specifically for individuals with special needs; community centers; clinics with children and adults experiencing developmental and language differences or other neurological or medical problems, such as multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions affecting the voice; geriatric programs, drama and music schools; and private practice. They also run workshops, short courses and in-service trainings. Recently, the work has been used with: refugees with little or no facility in English who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder; in hospitals to communicate affectively with non-English speaking people when a translator is not readily available; in community settings with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders; and in schools with children experiencing language and other differences and delays.

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