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Introduction to VMT video. VMT in individual session and in groups. Find out more:

Gina Holloway Mulder presents VMT in this highly informative, experiential video

A short video from the Voice Movement and Dance Movement Therapy workshop in Slovakia in August 2016

This video was produced during the Voice Movement Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy workshop in Slovakia in Summer 2016.The workshop, entitled The Voice Un-bound and Embodied, came out of a collaboration between Sebastiana Black, VMTR and Monika Stehlikova (BodyTalks, Dance Movement Therapy Slovakia).

Lean Hickey Coetzer presenting her Bodysong work

Exclusive 20-minute interview with IAVMT Honorary member, SHEILA BRAGGINS, recorded August 2013

Please click HERE to be directed to our ARCHIVES page where you can read our tribute to Sheila Braggins, who sadly passed away in September 2014.