Practitioner Biographies

Directors of IAVMT

Veronica Phillips

Veronica Phillips, VMTR, Dip. Counselling, MBACP

President and Treasurer

Veronica is passionate about the capacity of the expressive voice to unfold wholeness of being. Compassion and delight increase as people develop the power of their voice and experience its many qualities for the first time. Through sounding and song the heart-soul-body being find deeper truth and wholeness.

Veronica's work with voice is called VIBRANT VOICE. Voice Movement Therapy work for her is particularly concerned with the exploration of emotional and psychological difficulties and trauma. She is a trained psychotherapist and qualified integrative, psychotherapeutic counsellor. She is an accredited member of BACP. Veronica has worked in this field for 13 years.

She is passionate about the expressive voice and its connection with the deepening, becoming self and its many aspects, and the inter-relationship with each other through sounding and song.

She is currently training in Family Constellation work and Celtic Shamanism and exploring the connections these have with VMT. Increasingly Veronica is using her voice in Shamanic healing work. She sings with two different choirs and arranges and composes songs. She runs VIBRANT VOICES, a group for reluctant and shy singers. Veronica is based in London.

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Helen White

Helen White, CPRP, VMTR

Vice President

Helen White, CPRP, VMTR, has been a mental health professional for over twenty years, working in the front-lines for the past seventeen years. Helen’s passion for psychiatric rehabilitation led her to begin her training in Voice Movement Therapy in 2008. She has witnessed VMT’s ability to empower a person through their voice, resulting in greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Helen uses her VMT skills in her clinical practice whenever possible.

In her private life, Helen enjoys voice coaching, singing and dancing in her community, as well as working with individual VMT clients.

Helen is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner and has presented the expressive arts initiative, Voice Studio, group work she has done with persons with psychiatric disability at two psychiatric rehabilitation conferences.

She lives in Ottawa, Canada, and has two daughters and four grandchildren.

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Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin

Secretary and Treasurer

Sophie Martin is an Actor, Singer and Voice Artist and began her VMT training in Martha’s Vineyard in 2008.

Currently based in Sydney, she has taught voice and movement at the University of Southern Queensland Theatre Department, as well as running numerous workshops all over Australia. Her work centres on discovering emotional connections and resonance as well as creating flexibility and colour within the voice.

Sophie holds individual and group sessions at the Radiant Centre in Neutral Bay and the Music Practice in Surry Hills, and is also a vocal coach for professional actors and singers, and teaches at the Bondi Pavilion Community Cultural Centre.

For more information about Sophie or her work please visit

Visit to find out about VMT in Australia.

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Professional Members

Sebastiana Black

Sebastiana Black, VMTR

Sebastiana is originally from Czech Republic and has lived in the UK since 2002. Since qualifying in 2010 she has run workshops in the UK and Czech Republic. She co-founded the Norfolk Voice Movement Therapy Centre in 2010 with her colleague Lilith Perkins and has a private practice in Norwich. Sebastiana works with a variety of clients including those with expressive difficulties connected to early trauma, and those with eating disorders, anxiety or depression. She has been integrating VMT into her clinical work as an Integrative Arts Child Counsellor, working with children who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect and those with attachment difficulties. VMT very much inspired Sebastiana to develop her own creativity. As a singer and songwriter she has performed as one half of duo The Fire Doves and with band Zaramo, with a repertoire of Balkan, French and other European songs.

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Anne Brownell

Anne Brownell, MA, LMHC, VMTR

Anne is director of the Norma G. Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy and teaches and supervises on the Foundation Training in Voice Movement Therapy: The Voice Unchained. After studying and working in the Expressive Therapies with pioneer dance therapist Norma Canner and noted clinician and author Penny Lewis, Anne’s search for the vocal component for a movement oriented therapy led her to be the first American to train in VMT with founder Paul Newham in London; to teach and supervise with him on trainings in both England and America; and to establish her own training program, first in the United States, with Christine Isherwood, VMTR (4 trainings), and then in South Africa with Hennie Pienaar, VMTR, where they recently completed their first program.

Anne has also acted as a VMT consultant for schools, working with children experiencing developmental and language delays; taught the first for-credit graduate course in VMT, for Castleton College, Vermont; conducted a private practice and supervision; and presented at conferences here and abroad. Prior experience includes working in Early Intervention programs, supervising graduate students in Dance Therapy on the therapeutic use of the voice, and conducting music and movement groups for previously homeless and substance abused people with HIV and AIDS. Anne has served as scriptwriter and executive producer on several films on the Expressive Therapies, most notably A Time to Dance: The Life and Work of Norma Canner and Going to the Source: A Study of Group Process in the Natural World. Her CD, A Journey in Song, illustrates a range of possibilities inherent in a single human voice, and she delights in performing songs in different genres and sounds.

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Eva Campbell-Haidl

Eva Campbell-Haidl, VMTR

Eva Campbell-Haidl was born in Austria. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician and has studied Jazz at the University of Performing Arts in Graz, Austria as well as at the Guildhall School for Music and Drama in London. Eva's search for authenticity as a human being, as a singer and a voice teacher, combined with her realisation of the interrelatedness of the voice and the nature of being human, led her to take the VMT training in America in 2004.

In her practice year she worked with patients at the Jules Thorn Mental Health Day Care Centre in London and became a certified VMT practitioner in March 2007. A year later, Eva was invited to accompany Christine Isherwood and Anne Brownell as an apprentice teacher on the VMT training on Martha’s Vineyard and served three years as a director for the IAVMT.

In her private practice as a voice teacher and as someone who encourages people to express themselves through their voice, Eva has been working with beginners and professional singers of all ages, for over 15 years. Over the last 6 years she has focused extensively on leading group workshops in VMT, Gospel and World Music in Austria, Germany and Italy and has recently taught at the Drama Department of the Vienna Music University - the "Max Reinhardt Seminar".

Visit Eva's Website, for more information.

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Kelly Close

Kelly Close, VMTR, MA

Kelly Close received her Bachelor of Music Education in Studio Voice from Montana State University, her Master of Arts in Vocal Pedagogy from The Ohio State University and her VMTR in 2007, having completed the foundation training in 2005.

As a singer, Kelly has performed as a soloist and ensemble member in classical, jazz, rock, and musical theater genres. She sang with the Bozeman Symphony and Intermountain Opera Company as a soloist for 13 years and wrote, co-produced, and performed a multi-arts production, "In the Body of the Beast." In fulfilling part of the training requirements for VMT certificatioin, Kelly wrote, produced and performed her show, "Can of Worms." Currently, Kelly is in the process of developing a new show derived from her personal VMT exploration. In addition, she is filming, writing, scoring and producing several video projects.

As a teacher, Kelly had a thriving music studio in Montana from 1993 – 2008. During this time, she wrote, directed, produced and performed in, "Recital Beezarro," an alternative performance art piece for her 30 students. From 2001-03, Kelly attended graduate school at The Ohio State University where she taught World Music, Applied Voice, and Vocal Pedagogy. Currently, Kelly is teaching individual & group lessons in voice, music theory fundamentals, managing stage fright, increasing sensory awareness for the tonally challenged, VMT. She is also co-facilitating expressive arts workshops with her partner artist/educator, David Cowan, at their Earthbones Expressive Arts Studios outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her objective is to bring a more holistic, non-judgemental, versatile, and creative approach to the study of voice which encompasses the exploration of physical, emotional, and psychological processes.

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Gertruida Dowse, VMTR

Gertruida Dowse

Gertruida Dowse qualified as a Social Worker in 1980 and has worked as a marriage counsellor and therapist since 1985. She completed her VMT training in 2010 and incorporates VMT into her therapeutic practice.

Gertruida was director at FAMSA Karoo (Families South Africa in Oudtshoorn) from 1997 until 2012 and currently works in private practice. Her practice focuses on relationships, the self, life in the workplace, as well as community and family issues. She works with people who suffer from depression, anger and health issues (including HIV, AIDS and psychiatric issues), ADHD and addiction. Gertruida also does marriage and couple counselling, she works with groups, leads workshops and gives motivational talks. She works with ages 3 years to 100+ years.

Gertruida is passionate about empowering people, freeing the body, unblocking emotions, and helping to give everyone a voice, or helping them get their voice back.

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Caroline Gill

Caroline Gill, VMTR

I qualified in VMT 12 years ago and have worked with a wide range of individuals and groups since then. My methodology is practical and body-based and always in response to individual needs. I offer fundamental singing tuition, personal impact coaching and Voice Movement Therapy. In truth any session can be mix of methods and intentions that cover the physical and practical work of embodying voice, body and breath - and work with what we encounter along the way.

As a qualified NLP practitioner, my coaching encourages positive change on every level. I also give tuition in yoga with regular classes and workshops in Bristol and am mentor and voice teacher on Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training with Abby Hoffmann. I am involved in performance research particularly in the field of improvisation.

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Anna Grabner

Anna Grabner, VMTR

On leaving her Austrian roots behind after nearly three decades, Anna moved closer to the ocean, to Portugal, in 2011. With a passion for music (voice, piano, songwriting) and a background as a practicing psychologist, she was drawn to the idea of linking the two fields and found an inspiring match in voice movement therapy. Eager to learn more about this body oriented voice work, she travelled to South Africa in 2012, where she completed the VMT foundation training in 2013.

As a qualifying practitioner, Anna has found that the playful nature of VMT encourages people to unfold their personal stories in voice movement journeys. Motivated by the beautiful coastline of Lisbon, she regularly takes people to the waterfront to explore their inner voice and movement in her beach sessions “Dance with your shadow and sound with the ocean". She also runs a weekly group indoors, providing a safe playground for profound authentic and creative self-expression.

For more information on her VMT work please

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Carol Grimes, VMTR, Hon LRSL

Carol Grimes

Musician, writer and composer. Associate of Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury Christchurch University.

I was a busker... a long time ago! I discovered one day, outside a Pub beside the sea, that I could sing and, lucky me, have managed to sing for my supper for most of my life.

Currently I perform my own curious songs and poems, as well as the songs I love to sing with the musicians I have had the phenomenal pleasure to work with over the years. I also sing with Something Secret, The UK Funk, All Stars, The Shout and anything that comes along that might tickle my imagination, stir my heart and challenge my bones.

I have recorded extensively, here in the U.K. America, Germany, The Hebrides, Poland and Sweden.

In the early eighties I began working with a group of young people in Poplar, near where I lived in the east end of London and once I had worked out what it is I do and have done in order to convey some of that to others. I found a stimulating extension to my life: How does the voice work and how to express it fully? A fascinating and on-going exploration. I have come to love this work, and combine it very happily with the rest of my living as a performing singer.

In 2004 after a meeting with Nina Temple who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and had always wanted to sing, we founded "Sing For Joy", a community choir for people with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions.

So here I am in the 21st Century. I have two children, much music still to make and listen to, and hopefully many more adventures around the corner. I wish for Peace on Earth, an end to destruction and pollution and to the mindless cruelty of Wars in the name of religion, greed and ignorant prejudice.

Finding my voice has given me my life.

For more information, visit





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Joan Harris

Joan Harris, VMTR

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Joan received a degree in English and then diplomas in eurythmy (a 4 year training in artistic movement founded on ideas of Rudolf Steiner) and therapeutic eurythmy. Since moving to Europe in 1980, she has lived and worked many years with music, singing, eurythmy, and movement in (and outside) Camphill communities for individuals with learning difficulties/special needs in Germany, Wales, and England. She is currently located in a Buckingham Camphill community and also leads some community singing groups for the general public and the elderly. She has been a Professional Member of IAVMT since May 2010.

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Melanie Harrold

Melanie Harrold, VMTR

Melanie has been a professional singer/songwriter, recording artist, Band member, and touring musician for twenty years. For the last ten years she has been teaching singing while being engaged in an extensive, experiential research into the connections between vocal expression, movement and psychotherapeutic process.

She trained in Voice Movement Therapy in 1993 and assisted on subsequent trainings. As well as practising as a certificated Body Psychotherapist she now teaches singing to large groups, works with individuals from home and leads therapeutically based voice workshops around the country. She teaches voice and movement with The National Youth Theatre and The Circus Space and is currently running a twice-weekly singing class at The Hornimans Museum in London. She has been a guest teacher on both the American VMT trainings and the VMT training in South Africa on which she is the current senior supervisor.

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Gina Holloway Mulder, BADA (hons), PGDA, MAP, VMTR

Journal Editor

Gina Holloway Mulder

Gina's practice, Voice 360, is located in Johannesburg South Africa. With a background in theatre and a passion for choreography, physical theatre dance, performance art, film and design, Gina has focused her work on integrating voice and body for devised theatre. The past 16 years of teaching and facilitating in the areas of voice and movement have lead her to work with various groups including children, teens, youth, adults, the elderly, the physically disabled, in corporate training, in the mental health sector and with children with special needs.

Gina trained in VMT on Martha's Vineyard during 2005 - 2006, and in 2008 was the first South African practitioner to qualify. In addition to seeing individual VMT clients and running VMT workshops, Gina currently lectures voice to 3rd and 4th year movement and performance students at WITS University drama department. She is completing her Master’s degree at the University of Pretoria researching the integration of VMT and Maskwork for performer vocal development and is the editor of the Practitioners of Voice Movement Therapy Journal. Gina is committed to growing the practice of VMT in South Africa, passionate about researching VMT work, and eager to find ways of introducing VMT into corporate and educational environments.

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Christine Isherwood, VMTR, BA (Hons), Dip Assert Training, Singer, Songwriter,

Christine Isherwood

Christine Isherwood, BA (Hons) UK, Singer-Songwriter, Dip. Assertiveness Trainer, VMTR,

will lead the next VMT Training, ‘Singing The Psyche: A Training in Voice Movement Therapy’. For the past 19 years she has been engaged in teaching and living Voice Movement Therapy, working with individual clients, teaching workshops internationally, and supervising VMT students and practitioners.

Engaged in a quest for voice and psychological well-being, she studied with founder Paul Newham in London, before apprenticing to and subsequently teaching with him on the VMT training. In partnership with Anne Brownell, she established, co-directed and co-taught the Foundation Training in Voice Movement Therapy in the USA.

Previous experience includes working with street homeless people in Central London, and as a mental health counselor, group facilitator and trainer. She has written and performed in political musicals, toured the UK and Europe with theatre groups and bands, and recorded as a pop singer. She has lectured and taught at Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts [LIPA], co-founded by Sir Paul McCartney, and at the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts (WAAPA). Currently working on a new album, she lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

See for more information.

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Boniswa Kamba

Boniswa Kamba, DIPTH, VMTR

Boniswa is a mother of five children, three daughters and two sons; they are all grown up. As a Reverend, Boniswa currently ministers at Ntabakandoda Circuit at Kwa-Komani District in the Eastern Cape South Africa under the leadership of UMCOSA (the United Methodist Church of Southern Africa). She is a qualified counsellor and skilled trainer who has worked for 13 years in the diocese of Port Elizabeth, Anglican Church, helping people to develop lifeskills and providing therapeutic counselling to traumatised women and children. Between 2009 and 2012 Boniswa worked with an organization called WAWA (Woman Against Women Abuse) providing conselling to victims of gender based violence and at the end of March 2014, she began working with small groups and individuals focusing on developing and strengthening family bonds.

Boniswa trained in VMT in Oudtshoorn South Africa, qualifying as a registered professional practitioner in 2013. She is dedicated to the work of VMT and has managed to initiate the registered not-for-profit organization Voice Movement Therapy Eastern Cape (VMTEC) which has been endorsed by the National Department of Social Development. Boniswa has been invited to the South African Parliament to present the statement on the challenges faced by the communities in the Eastern Cape and has submitted the ‘Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill’ using VMT principles. Boni also works with the Department of Transport, facilitating VMT based workshops on depression, stress and anger in the working place. She also volunteers at the Educational Support Services Trust in collaboration with Health Department promoting good health within the communities with a focus on unborn children to age 19 years using VMT principles.

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Crystal Bliss Lardy, VMTR

Crystal Bliss Lardy

Crystal Bliss Lardy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Performing Teaching Artist. A vocalist, percussionist, dancer, and expressive arts educator/facilitator, she has studied and performed regionally and internationally since 1991, traveling to West Africa, Europe, Central and South America, and Asia. Crystal worked as a self employed Licensed Massage Therapist from 1992-2010. As part of her vocal and personal development, she attended the first American training in Voice Movement Therapy, a unique expressive arts therapy modality, in 2003/2004. In 2007, Crystal earned her BA in Theatre with minors in Dance and The Arts:Theory and Practice at Colorado College. In 2011 she completed her MA in Counseling and Human Services, Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling, at the University of Colorado, and is a registered practitioner of Voice Movement Therapy and a Registered Play Therapist. Crystal continues to perform and teach while integrating Play, Expressive Arts, and Nature based interventions into her work as a counselor, working primarily with children and families since 2011.

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Anne Maarman, VMTR

Anne Maarman

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Chris MacLean, VMTR

Chris MacLean

Chris MacLean is an award-winning Singer-songwriter; VMT practitioner; Community Choir Facilitator; and Vocal coach. She completed her experiential training with the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy in 2013; the Ubuntu Community Choir Leadership program in 2015 and has studied Vocal Improv with Rhiannon.

Her performance career spans over 20 years of composing and performing Folk/Roots, World, Jazz and Americana music; and has taken her across the globe. She has 3 recordings of original compositions, including her recently released Procrastinator (2015), and is featured on several others. She is part of the newly formed acoustic trio, Paugan Dames.

Chris leads weekly Community Choir sessions for singers of all abilities - The Rise Up Singing Choir, in Ottawa and The Song Kitchen Choir in Wakefield QC; and through WOFOMO, will be launching a choir for new Canadians in October 2016. Additionally, she works with individual clients, conducts group Creative and VMT workshop classes in Ottawa and Wakefield, QC and assists Barclay McMillan in his highly acclaimed LifeSong.,

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Lena Måndotter

Lena Måndotter, VMTR

Lena Måndotter is a Swedish singer, song-therapist, writer and film-maker. She trained in Voice Movement Therapy in 1996 with Paul Newham and got her VMT-diploma from the Royal Society of Arts in London. Her Bachelor of Arts is in Comparative Literature with a focus on Jungian Psychology as an instrument for analyzing poems, songs, tales and myths. Lena has also studied analytical psychology at the CG Jung Institute and at ISAP - International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lena has worked as an artist/singer since the beginning of 1990 and has for many years given song therapy workshops at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, The CG Jung Foundation and its affiliates, Malmö University and many other schools, organizations and companies. She has a private practice for individual sessions.

Lena has also made a film about song and psyche which is called "Letters to a Young Singer" and this film has received a very warm response and is now available on DVD from the website where there are also great reviews by, for example, Jungian analyst Marion Woodman. In connection with the film-shows Lena gives seminars, nationally and internationally.

Film-clips LETTERS TO A YOUNG SINGER at Youtube:

Lena's cds are released at Rootsy/Warners and are available at most known internet-sites like Itunes, Amazon and many other sites. The last cds are called: "The Way to the Rose", "Songs from The River" and "Songs of Leonard Cohen".

For more information about Lena Måndotter's song therapy work:

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Nokubonga Mathole

Nokubonga Cordelia Mathole, VMTR

Nokubonga completed her VMT experiential training in South Africa in 2012 and is currently in her qualifying period. She has a background in NGO administration, marketing and communication and after training in Art is Advocacy in 2010 began working with groups through art, specifically focusing on the upliftment and empowerment of impoverished women and children many of whom have survived domestic violence and or are affected by the HIV virus.

A mother of three boys, Nokubonga has recently relocated to Port Elizabeth and has set up her practice Amplifying Voice. She sees individuals and facilitates community groups encouraging people to use their voices to deal with and express their emotions. Central to Nokubonga’s work is the image and in addition to dancing, moving and voicing the images that arise during the process of VMT, she also integrates the skill of silk screening and personal slogans. In helping people to heal from domestic violence and to deal with deep sadness and anger Nokubonga actively encourages storytelling and song writing and emphasizes the reclamation of the body through the process of body-mapping. She is passionate about helping highly stressed individuals, especially those who have been denied a voice, to find transformation, calm and strength through the amplification of their voice and the nurturing of their sphere.

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Julia Norton

Julia Norton, VMTR

Julia Norton is a singer, performer, composer, teacher & expressive artist. In 1998 she trained in Voice Movement Therapy for which she is a registered practitioner. She moved to the Bay Area in 2000 from London, UK.

Julia prides herself on being a "singer of all sorts". Trained classically, then becoming a folk, then rock singer she trained as a jazz musician and loves to fuse the whole thing together with a good dose of raw emotion. She has performed solo a cappella to huge audiences and in collaboration with innovative musicians, performance artists, modern classical composers, dancers and actors. In addition to her passion for helping people to find their authentic voice, she is currently focusing on creating extended vocal technique compositions for theatre and film. Julia is passionate about the ability of the singing voice to unchain the spirit and let loose the hounds of creativity. As well as composing and performing, Julia runs workshops all over California, fires up community choirs & theatre schools & has a private practice in the Bay Area.

Visit for more information.

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Lisa T. Perry

Lisa T. Perry, MEd, LPC, NCC, CCMHC, VMTR

Lisa is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been practicing psychotherapy in the United States since 1992. She worked within Family and Community Mental health Settings as a counselor (and later on as supervisor) prior to starting her own private practice in 2005. She began her VMT training in 2004 and was Registered as a Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner in 2007. She recently moved from the state of New Jersey to the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she is continuing to integrate Voice Movement Therapy techniques into her counseling practice.

She sang with the Greater South Jersey Chorus between 1995 and 2014, occasionally performing solo over the years within the GSJC sponsored Solo Artist Showcase and Cabarets as well as in other venues.

She is currently singing with the Asheville Choral Society.

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Eve Pollak Maisonpierre

Eve Pollak Maisonpierre, MA, VMTR

Eve's business, MOVINGVOICE, is the culmination of her dreams as a student, teacher and healer. Based on her personal journey, Eve draws from a set of tools and principles to explore and expand a person’s range of expression and experience of Self, through body, breath, movement and voice. Programs include workshops for groups, voice lessons, coaching, and individual sessions in Voice Movement Therapy.

Eve's journey with voice began with classical singing. She received her Masters degree in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, and went on to perform oratorio music professionally. In her thirties, Eve developed full-body chronic pain problems which eventually adversely impacted her voice. During this period, she met and trained with Paul Newham and Anne Brownell, graduating from the American training in Voice Movement Therapy in 1999. Through Voice Movement Therapy, and continued training in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy and Matrix Group Leadership, Eve reclaimed and reconnected with her "voice behind the voice." She found the part of her Self that lay mute and frozen deep within her and brought it profoundly forward into her work.

In her singing, Eve continues her inward journey and pursues fun and freedom through improvisation, Celtic and folk music.

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Sarah Povey, BA (hons), PGCE, VMTR

Sarah Povey

Sarah Povey has been involved in the arts for most of her life; school/church choirs and amateur dramatic groups. She studied music to degree level at the University of Surrey (RIHE) where she received classical voice training from Margaret Humphrey-Clerk and was a keen member of the Southlands Singers run by Michael Burnett. Continuing her music studies she gained a PGCE at Bath College of HE in 1988. She has taken part in many choral performances from the Ernest Read Children’s concerts through her school days to the Chichester Singers in adult life, as well as singing with a choral group whilst living in Germany.

In 1998 Sarah commenced her professional training with Paul Newham where she developed her understanding of the connection between Voice, Body and Psyche. She qualified as a practitioner in 1999.

Since then Sarah has been working with a range of individuals and groups. One of her specialisms is working with people who have dementia.

Sarah has been applying VMT techniques to those with Alzheimer’s, dementia and mental health issues in residential and nursing homes since 2000, seeking ways to stimulate and maintain a connection with those losing their cognitive ability. Even when deterioration is at an advanced or final stage, connections can often be made through music and sound. This work is subtle and Sarah works with great tenderness and understanding.

Sarah co-wrote a book with the late Dr Jill Hayes (Dance Movement Psychotherapist) ‘The Creative Arts in Dementia Care,’ (2011) which brings practical and person-centred approaches and ideas to professionals and family members.

As well as her VMT practice, Sarah performs at special occasions for clubs and groups in the local community and at private celebratory events. Her intimate style is most suitable at family gatherings for those more mature in years.

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Mali Sastri

Mali Sastri, VMTR

Mali Sastri is a singer, songwriter, performer and registered Voice Movement Therapy practitioner. She trained with Paul Newham, Anne Brownell, and Christine Isherwood in London, UK from '99 - '01. Based in Boston, Mali writes, sings, and performs with her dark chamber rock band, Jaggery, and curates performance events called Org at underground-and-otherwise venues in the Boston area. She resides at the South End artist co-op, Cloud Club and maintains a private VMT practice in Somerville, MA, emphasizing the voice, breath, and the song-as-container.

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Lerina Richards

Lerina Van Rensburg

Founder & Managing Director of Vibrience Music Notes

Vocal, Guitar, Voice Movement Therapy & Music Theory Facilitator

Lerina has been entertaining audience from a young age. She boasts vast experience and qualifications, including Licentiate at SA Guild of Speech and Drama for Teachers, BA Degree at University of Pretoria, Postgraduate Education Certificate at UNISA, Performance Certificates in Folk Singing and Vocals at JAM Academy, Rockschool Grade 8 (Vocal), Trinity College London Grade 6 (Music Theory), Digital Music Production at Emendy College, Management and Marketing for the Music Industry at University of Witwatersrand and Voice Movement Therapy Provisional Practitioner.

Her teaching experience ranges from London-based schools, CHIMS (Courtney House Instrumental Music School) and heading up the Music Department of Pretoria-East Primary. In 2005 Lerina founded Vibrience Music Notes, teaching Vocals & Guitar.

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Daryl Vineberg, BA, VMTR

Daryl Vineberg

Daryl has been doing body-based psychotherapeutic work with individuals and groups since 2008, and is trained in Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) as well as in Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics and Energy Healing. He works with individual clients and couples, and leads body-based process groups and VMT workshops. He’s a Registered Psychotherapist with the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and recently completed the Level 1 training at the Embodied Couples Institute. Daryl loves contact improv, and sings with Darbazi, an ensemble which sings polyphonic folk music from the Republic of Georgia. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.

For more information about Daryl's work please visit:

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Trish Watts

Trish Watts, VMTR

Trish is a singer, songwriter, and educator with extensive experience as a performing artist, animator and creative expression facilitator in Australia and overseas.

She is a registered Voice Movement Therapy practitioner with the IAVMT and studied with the Norma Canner Foundation Training, Martha's Vineyard, USA, and an accredited Singing Teacher with a Diploma of Music Education from the NSW Conservatorium, Sydney.

As Co-Founder for InterPlay Australia - a community arts practice - she travels regularly to offer workshops, retreats and performances in a cappella world music, voice, creativity, spirituality and body wisdom. She has published over 9 collections of original music and is the Musical Director for the womens's Sydney Threshold Choir. Her passion is to accompany the birth of freedom in all its forms!

Visit to find out about VMT in Australia.

For more information on InterPlay Australia please visit

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Provisional Members

Deirdre Brownell

Deirdre Brownell, BA, MA

California, USA

Deirdre Brownell, BA, MA, daughter of Anne Brownell, has a great interest in Voice Movement Therapy. A singer as well as a scholar, she believes that music has a language all of its own that everyone can understand, if not in a cognitive sense then in a spiritual as well as a psychosomatic sense.

"I believe that psychotherapy must have a physical as well as mental and emotional base. We carry our emotions in our bodies all our lives, more than we realize, and the only way to get them out is to go back to that primal infant and child stage and release them through sound and movement. The voice is very powerful - and everyone has something to say."

Deirdre started with a BA degree in Sports Medicine, then followed that up with a Masters in Psychology. She is currently studying for her PhD in Imaginal Psychology at the Institute of Meridian University in Petaluma, CA. She is working on a dissertation about healing the loss of the embodied voice, in people with learning differences, through VMT and imaginal psychology.


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Petra Rudolf

Mag.a Petra Rudolf

TV presenter | singer | voice & media coach

Petra Rudolf is the presenter of the ORF (Austrian TV and radio) show “Steiermark heute” and a real stage professional! She regularly presents gala events and panel discussions in the fields of business, science, culture – also in English, Italian and French.

During her many years of experience in her career as a radio and TV presenter, she has made numerous international contributions for Ö1, 3sat and Deutschlandradio amongst others.

As a singer Petra Rudolf feels at home on many stages – as a classical mezzo soprano as well as vocalist for her jazz band “body&soul!”. Petra Rudolf is also a member of the famous Arnold Schoenberg Choir of Vienna and teaches voice and speaking.

As a voice & media coach, Petra Rudolf passes on her knowledge about the instrument of success, the voice, and her media experience. She coaches people who would like to realize the full potential of their voices and improve their stage and media presence.

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