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The 2007 IAVMT Conference in Kent, UK

This year's Conference benefited from being held earlier than in 2005, the weather being more clement. Staying in the House at Bore Place we were warmer too, and as usual, the food was wonderful.

The beginning of the weekend, as well as the beginning and end of each day, were couched in beautiful, uniting, harmonizing song.

Louisa Harmer opened our activity with some gentle, inspiring movement and vocal improvisation, especially with trans Atlantic travellers in mind.

Friday evening was filled with an impressive introduction to Jenni Roditi's and Lyn Gambles' opera, "The Descent Of Inanna", an intense story of suffering, growth and transformation. The talk, with video, was entitled "Shadowland in the poem Inanna and its expression in the Opera."

On Saturday morning Eva Campbell presented a lively and enthralling workshop exploring the vertical-being in our own space, horizontal-the space around us, saggital-our reaching out, and their relationship to the body.

This was followed by an active, individual movement and vocal exploration of "The Red Shoes"; full of subpersonalities, symbols and a journey of loss and re-discovery.

Sarah Verney Caird, our planned keynote speaker, was unable to attend due to illness and so, thanks to Jenni's tireless effort, the space was filled by Alexander Massey. He introduced us to the deeply internal and intensely quiet authentic voice within us. We encountered the inner, individual symbol chosen by our voice, connecting with its power and guidance for our individual journey.

Before Saturday’s dinner Melanie Harrold treated us to a short "Singing Body" workshop and Bernadette O'Brien gave a talk, "Working Psychotherapeutically with Voice", which outlined how voice work is served by psychotherapeutic input and specifically the importance of working with subtle body energy and following the internal, felt sense of the client's process.

After dinner we shared songs and performances informally.

The 7th Annual Conference
Of the
International Association for Voice Movement Therapy

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October 2007

* * * * *
Working Towards Wholeness and Branching Out
* * * * *
I would love to live like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.            John O’Donohue

Voice Movement Therapy is unfolding, continually surprising and exciting. Our Practices are growing in the type of work we do and with the variety of people we see and this work is starting to expand to different parts of the world. This will be a time to express together and in small groups our own experiences of working with VMT. Each one of us has a unique story to share. There are so many possibilities to explore and communicate with each other.

As creative people we know when we cannot find the hidden resources within us. In this work we use our voices, bodies and psyches to express our needs and desires. We touch places inside ourselves that are wordless and want to be witnessed, understood and are heard through sounding. So healing begins.

We know the various ways VMT Principles do help and support us. As practitioners we are aware of moving back and forth between meeting our limits and expanding our psychological understanding of ourselves.

‘It is the limitations of our being
that make us sad and angry and constitute our fear.
To change feelings hey must be experienced and expressed’.
                                                       Alexander Lowen

Previous conferences have deeply sustained, enriched and inspired us. Our 7th Annual Conference aims to build on this and create an even stronger springboard for us all to take this work forward. It is time to celebrate our journey with this extraordinary work and find ways to consolidate, expand and confirm the place of VMT as a visible and recognised Expressive Art Therapy.

You are warmly invited to come to this important and interesting event.

Please return the enclosed reply form ASAP.


Venue – The Commonwork Centre,
               Bore Place,
               Kent TN8 7AR

Tel – 01732 463 255 (USA 0044 1732 463 255)

* * * * *

Travel – By Rail from London – Charing Cross, Waterloo East, London Bridge or Victoria (less frequent service) to Sevenoaks station. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes.
From Sevenoaks station take a taxi. The journey takes at least 30 minutes to Bore Place. Please get in touch with each other to share taxis.

* * * * *

The Cost of the Conference at this moment is £225 to include food, bed, meeting rooms and a guest speaker (to be named soon).
We are keeping costs down whenever possible and the price is almost the same as two years ago!

To download the 2007 conference report (.pdf format, 58KB) please click here

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