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Who are we?

The International Association for Voice Movement Therapy (IAVMT) is an organization of practitioners which promotes the work of Voice Movement Therapy; maintains its core principles and standards; provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experience; and reports on new developments, through conferences, publications, and other events.

Further, it is the role of the IAVMT to qualify and register practitioners and to provide professional and political representation of Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) to the larger community. The IAVMT sustains a Code of Ethics and other criteria for professional practice and maintains a list of registered practitioners that is made available to the public on this web site and by request.

While it is necessary to be a registered professional practitioner to be a voting member of the IAVMT, two other kinds of membership are available: provisional, for students-in-training; and associate, for those in related fields or others who have a keen interest in the work and wish to be kept current. Please contact us for further information.

Video from the workshop The Voice Un-bound and Embodied:

VMT workshop VMT workshop

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